Interested in Becoming a Child Care Provider?

According to the State of Virginia, child care can be defined as the following: 

A child day care program in Virginia refers to a regularly operating service arrangement for children where, during the absence of a parent or guardian, a person or organization has agreed to assume responsibility for the supervision, protection, and well-being of a child under the age of 13 for less than a twenty-four-hour period. The broadest categories of care are out-of-home ("Center-Based") care and in-home or "Family-Based" care in a private home. Those categories can be further broken down into "licensed", "unlicensed (but regulated)", and "approved". Regulated refers to a facility is regulated by the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS). Approved refers to a facility that is regulated by an entity other than VDSS.

If you are interested in becoming a licensed home or center, learn more about the process.

If you are interested in becoming Voluntary Registered, learn more about the process.

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