Newborn Family Screening

Newborn & Family Screening & Referral Pilot

Year One
November 1, 2011-October 31, 2012

In 2009, the region identified the importance of reaching all parents at the time of a child's birth. Through the Batten Educational Achievement Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, $500,000 was allocated to identify, pilot and implement a Newborn and Family Screening and Referral system. In 2011, a two-year grant was awarded to Suffolk’s Sentara Obici Hospital for $300,00 over a two-year period. Obici Healthcare Foundation (OHCF) awarded Sentara Obici Hospital $137,283.

To date, the pilot is: 

  • Matching $300,000 in private dollars with a $1 to $1 match that blends public-private funding.
  • Identifying the most effective screening and assessment tools.
  • Screening 100% of moms delivering at Sentara Obici Hospital to identify families’ needs and potential psychosocial risk factors.
  • Examining the scope and function of local programs for families and young children to connect families to relevant programs through the electronic data system.
  • Providing face-to-face contact to all parents, offering parent-building resources and information at the time of a child's birth.
  • Providing prenatal care to at-risk mothers through the Suffolk Health Department’s Nurse Family Partnership and Healthy Families programs utilizing public-private dollars.
  • Expanded “First Steps” to all families February 1, 2012, connecting all families that do not qualify for one of the home-visiting programs, are now offered support, education, and community referrals via monthly phone support and mailings for up to three (3) months after the birth of their baby.
  • Agreement was signed on August 1, 2012 between Sentara Obici Hospital and Go Beyond “Well Family System” to do the following..
    • Integrate the Universal Screening tool and process into “Well Family System.”
    • Establish a “Well Family System” interface for Western Tidewater Health District (screen, programs, client records) and to develop reports.
    • Establish a “Well Family System” interface for Sentara Obici Hospital (screens, programs, client records) and to develop reports.
    • Create a “Well Family System” for the Healthy Families program case management module.
    • Integrate existing Virginia Department of Health Resource Mothers component to connect with the Universal Screening process so that in addition to the current Resource Mothers manual referral process, screens can be electronically identified and received from the universal screen-referral process.
    • Integrate existing Virginia Department of Health “Well Family System” MIECHV data collection system to include local Western Tidewater Non-MIECHV Nurse Family Partnership participants.
    • Training mechanism in place for all personnel to navigate the “Well Family System." 
  • Increasing the number of families screened and referred:
    • 1,058 families screened at the hospital, 390 last year.
    • 2,249 community referrals made to families at the hospital, 367 last year.
    • 128 families screened prenatally by the Suffolk Health Department, 0 last year.
    • 236 community referrals prenatally made by the Suffolk Health Department.
    • 152 assessments completed this year compared to 74 last year. 16 prenatal and 136 postnatal
    • 75 referred to Healthy Families this year compared to 44 last year. 13 prenatal and 62 postnatal
    • 774 referred to First Steps this year compared to 247 last year.
    • 58 referred to Nurse Family Partnership this year by the Healthy Families screening process. (new this year)
    • 45 referred to other cities for home-visiting compared to 37 last year.

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